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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

The ad for Super Princess Peach amuses me immensely. I may have to own the game, too.

I got a card from Progressive (which is where I get my motorcycle insurance) which I'm tempted to scan. It says, "When you told your insurance company there was a NINJA in your garage, did they ask if he frightens the neighbors?" Superimposed on a picture of a quite scary-looking ninja, of course. (For the non-motorcycle-inclined, there's a well-known line of Kawasaki bikes that go by the brand name "Ninja".) It's both a good ad and it made me laugh my ass off.

Got new tires on the Superchicken. The difference is amazing. New tank has been shipped already. I've done a few little things already; I managed to get the carbs to clear out somewhat and various bits have had a chance to dump some of their crud into the oil, so I'll probably change the oil tomorrow morning, and I have new spark plugs as well.

It's hard to tell for sure because there's still some hesitation, but I swear that she's a good bit more civilized than my VF was. Don't get me wrong, she pulls hard, but not quite in that rip-your-arms-off way...so it surprised me to look down and realize I was going 95. Whups! I see why one of the major "problems" listed on the VTR1000 registry is "speeding tickets".

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