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Ys [userpic]

For a while now, the smell of raw chicken has been truly intolerable. (When I was recovering from having my wisdoms out, I spent a good chunk of time being queasy, and I managed to get some not-quite-okay chicken and got really, really sick.)

Cooked chicken is okay, but raw chicken is (apparently still) instant massive nausea time.

Which is really inconvenient when you're trying to cook dinner for folks and you grab some chicken breasts and thaw them in the microwave, and then open the microwave and have to pretty much drop everything and move across the room to avoid immediately vomiting.


(And so now I feel guilty because Amy took over and is making the rest of dinner happen. That really wasn't my intention. *sigh* Of course, at the moment I'm not sure whether I'll be able to eat anything anyway, even with the ice pack on my neck keeping the immediate nausea at bay.)

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I had the same thing for a couple of decades after the Atlanta Lasagna Debacle of '73 (the whole family got sick off some undercooked lasagna).

Guess what the husband's favorite food is?

*sigh* You'll eventually get over it, but it does take a good long time.