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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

So I finally managed to buy myself another bike this weekend. A 2000 Honda VTR1000F SuperHawk, also known as the FireStorm in the UK and in Oz, and widely known in the US as the Superchicken:

I got a particularly good deal on it because, as far as I can tell, it had been dropped in a parking lot:

I'm not sure what exactly it fell into, but I'm working on finding a new tank and we're probably just going to repair the fairing, and then Amy's going to do a custom paint job on the whole bike for me. We have some fun ideas, I'll post pictures when it's done, for sure.

I'm also going to put a set of new Dunlop D220 sport touring tires on it, and I've already ordered a set of GenMar risers for the clipons. I pulled the tank off to open up the airbox to discover that the air filter was stock, but brand new and the insides of the carbs were surprisingly clean. As far as I can tell (for that and other reasons), whoever had this initially took really amazingly good care of it until it fell over; the guy I bought it from had had it eight months and ridden it only 300 miles, so most of its immediate ailments are from that sort of neglect. I have a variety of things which which to do some basic maintenance and I'm pondering a DynoJet kit and K&N or BMC filter as much for the altitude adjustment as anything.

But yeah, I'm psyched.

(Of course, this means that today we've gotten something like six inches of snow accumulation.)

ETA: Actually put the picture links in, Ys.

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Neeeeeeeat! I'm all envy!


I'm going to second the envy noted above. I want one too.. (Nevermind the fact that a bike that powerful would have me killing myself in a heartbeat, as I'm still a motorcycle newbie.)


Even with the crunch, that's beautiful. It looks like it (is that a he or a she?) might have done a bit of sliding but then you'd see scraping damage further down on the pegs and or bars. Sliding forward into something would account for the wrinkle (ok, I'm being optimistic in calling that a wrinkle) in the tank.

No matter, that is one hell of a screaming yellow chicken!

My bike is in pieces in the garage and there's this small problem of a hole in the crankcase that weeps oil onto the rear tire. I haven't ridden since, well, I promised my mother I wouldn't ride while I was pregnant. Becky turned 7 in January.

I saw that you're getting whomped with some snow. Do you usually have three season riding? Before he sold his bike and moved over to the RVing dark side, my brother teased me a lot about the weather and riding opportunities in San Jose, CA while I was freezing my butt off in PA.

I rode someone's ST1100 down in Daytona once. I had become involved with a vintage MC racing club (AHRMA - American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association - it's actually an AMA club) They have a big to do just before mainstream bike week starts and I'd been at the track working on stuff and listening to bikes, looking at bikes, smelling bikes (two stroke exhaust on the early morning breeze? It's a heady scent) and, anyway, I had no riding gear with me and was getting antsy.

So, Paul gave me his racing helmet (gaaah, did that smell), some gloves and the top from his leathers and said "Why don't you meet us back at the motel. Oh, yeah, he gave me his ST1100. The second biggest bike I'd ever had between my legs. Hell, 1100cc is more than twice the size of my little Yamaha Virago's engine size.

I think the distance was about 15 or 20 miles on a US highway with cross traffic but not much industry or shopping, so there wasn't much traffic. I thought I'd get in trouble if I went faster than 65 or 70 and I didn't notice the only bend in the road because on that bike at that speed it just wasn't there. I'd never ridden anything that requires you to lean over the tank and set your feet so far back. It was one of the most incredible experiences I've had.

I parked the bike and handed back the gear. I said thank you and walked away breathing deeply and feeling renewed.

Ahhhh. Thanks for posting your pictures - it's brought back some great memories.

Re: Drooool

Denver has, on average, 300 sunny days a year. We get this big storms and then they're gone within a few days. If you don't mind riding when it's sunny and no warmer than about 50 F, you can ride pretty much year round. I certainly have in the past.

...but are you going to have leathers and a helmet cutom-made to match your custom paint job?

If you don't have 'em already, I highly recommend an electric vest & gloves. I rode all year in NJ, as long as there wasn't snow/ice on the roads, in relative comfort.

Sadly, I sold my bike last year because being without a cage in the traffic around here is just Too Damn Scary to even be fun, and it's getting worse all the time. :-(

I might consider painting my helmet, but maybe not — it's hard to do well without risking damaging the helmet.

Besides, I already match the custom paint job. *mischevious grin*

the Superchicken:

sweet, ..:)

Congrats! I imagine it should not be too hard to find a replacement tank, and it looks pretty good otherwise. Fun bike, good find.