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ljArchive 0.9.6 released

This release updates ljArchive to use the new session cookies (thanks argilo!), makes some small (but significant) changes to the XMLRPC protocol to more closely match what LJ is expecting, and includes argilo's suggested fix for saving comment subject lines.

It is still compiled for .NET 1.1. If you've only got the .NET 2.0 runtime, it may or may not work, I don't know, as I haven't tested it with that. You should be able to grab the .NET 1.1 runtime files from Windows Update if you don't have them, or if that's too much trouble and you're sure that you need it, you can try downloading the runtime package (note that that page recommends Windows Update for general users as well, which is part of why I recommend that first).

The release packages are available on the ljArchive sourceforge site, or you can just download the installer.

Feel free to reply here if you run into issues, but the best way to make sure the issue gets recorded and looked at is always going to be to file a bug or a support request on sourceforge.

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Try redownloading it, perhaps? I suspect you grabbed it from a mirror that was in the middle of updating it or something of the sort, and thus got a partial file. It should be 417 KB in Windows Explorer, and I can run a checksum on it if that'd be useful...

I did literally just upload it to sourceforge moments before posting.

Try a different mirror. (You can select mirrors on the sourceforge page.)

OMG, you wrote ljArchive? *drools*... *worships*... I use it all the time; it's so incredibly great!! (: (: (:

I didn't write the original, I just took over maintaining it when the original author took off to walk around the world or whatever it is that he's doing. :)

Largely because I wanted tags. So I started a sourceforge project for it. *grin*

Awesome. I retract half of my drool, but you still get the other half. (;