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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

I managed to go skiing last week for the first time in years. Had a blast. I had to go -- I got an amazing deal on ski gear by buying stuff that was off-model-year. It was all 2002ish stuff, all still new. Would've been around $1500 total when it was current, and I got out the door for $185, plus another $25 later to get the bindings mounted.

Volant Gravity Epic skis, Marker MRR Turbo SC bindings, Rossignol Saphir boots. I quite liked them.

I broke down and bought a PSP this weekend. Really liking the thing. Not that I expect to not play with the DS, but just yeah. Too many cool games on the PSP.

Between the two, I've drained my allowance account, pretty much. At least until we sort out our relative balances 'n' such.

Work is busy. My back hurts. But I'm generally pretty content with life at the moment.

If it would amuse you, reply to this post, conversing with nothing but your icon(s). No words, just the icon. (To post a blank post without LJ complaining at you, just put in a non-breaking space:  )

ETA: I'm trying not to reuse my icons. Which has annoyed me twice now. And somehow I suspect I'm going to want to use the "I think I saw a porno like this once" icon a few more times before we're through. *grin*

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