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Ys [userpic]
In which it is demonstrated that I am a scary person.

[13:15] YsaFairy: By the way, "The Barbarella of Seville" made me laugh quite a lot.
[13:15] YsaFairy: And want to respond by singing something like, "This is piss, piss with ink!"
[13:16] murnkay: LOL
[13:18] YsaFairy: I'll send you pictures if I make any Calvin snowmen.
[13:18] murnkay: ok good
[13:19] * YsaFairy needs more Zen Bastard somewhere along the line.
[13:20] YsaFairy: Just in case you didn't have enough to do.
[13:20] murnkay: what do you mean
[13:20] murnkay: more what
[13:20] YsaFairy: Just noticing that I have "Zen Bastard" as one of my memories keywords and realizing that I need more Zen Bastard deep thoughts.
[13:21] murnkay: ahhh
[13:21] YsaFairy: Or possibly not so deep thoughts.
[13:21] murnkay: hahaha
[13:21] murnkay: well
[13:21] murnkay: I was thinking of doing a Very Bastard Xmas special
[13:21] YsaFairy: I need WIDE THOUGHTS that will STRETCH MY BRAIN
[13:21] YsaFairy: BRAIN FISTING
[13:21] murnkay: see
[13:21] murnkay: you dont need me
[13:21] murnkay: you've gotten there by yourself
[13:21] * YsaFairy snickers.
[13:21] murnkay: while I will back away into a wide open space where I can watch your hands.
[13:22] * YsaFairy tries not to choke on her cereal while laughing.
[13:22] * YsaFairy grins.
[13:22] murnkay: consider:
[13:22] murnkay: Beer = Brain lube
[13:22] YsaFairy: Can I quote this?
[13:22] YsaFairy: Aie.
[13:22] murnkay: Sure
[13:23] YsaFairy: The images I am now having about "Boys' Night Out" are hurting. :)
[13:23] murnkay: So really what you want to do is get me drunk, shove your fist into my ear and squish around for gold.
[13:23] murnkay: I'M TRYING TO CUT BACK ON THAT
[13:23] YsaFairy: Something like that, yeah.
[13:23] * YsaFairy grins.
[13:23] murnkay: First of all the stretch marks are embaressing, I'm not that young now
[13:23] murnkay: Second of all it gives me tinnitus something fierce.
[13:24] YsaFairy: That's probably a latex allergy.
[13:24] murnkay: Possibly.
[13:24] murnkay: Do they make ribbed FIST CONDOMS?
[13:25] murnkay: ... OMG it all makes snese
[13:25] murnkay: Mike Tyson wasn't biting that ear because he was MAD
[13:25] murnkay: he was trying to widen the canal to fit his GLOVE
[13:25] * YsaFairy hee hee hee
[13:27] YsaFairy: Have I mentioned recently how much I love your brainmeats?
[13:27] * YsaFairy initially typed that without thinking about the immediate context, then decided to leave it anyway.
[13:28] murnkay: HAHAHAHAHA
[13:28] murnkay: You love them love time, fie dolla?
[13:29] YsaFairy: Cash only.
[13:29] YsaFairy: No credit cards.

There's more, but you get the gist.

Current Mood: amusedamused

[13:29] YsaFairy: No credit cards.

Wow. That's even funnier than advertised.