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We're sort of doing the ADD 12 days of Christmas. Six days, before Christmas, two gifts a day. It's a long story.

One of my gifts yesterday was Beyond Good and Evil, which is a quite fun PS/2 game that takes, oh, about 13 hours to finish.

I got it yesterday at about 9 pm. I finished it a couple of hours ago. I did, in fact, sleep some.

So yeah, that was a cool present. It suffered from a couple of cases of bossitis, but that's what cheat codes are for, and it's a common problem with such games. (Mostly I didn't bother -- the game has a lot of puzzle solving and/or sneaking, where cheat codes don't help you much anyway.) The story was compelling enough to have me crying twice during the game.

I believe tonight's presents for Joel will include a PS/2 game for him to obsess over and I'll get something non-videogame-related, most likely. Helps to reduce the conflict if we aren't both going MUST PLAY on the same machine at the same time. *grin*

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So, basically, it's like a Bizarro Channukah.


But good on you for making it an emotional experience rather than a bland one. People give and receive gifts too ... casually, nowadays.

I had BGE on my computer. I couldn't finish it because the races required better controls than my keypad with lag time could handle. My neice likes to run around and take pictures of stuff though.