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Ys [userpic]

Last night we watched "Dead Things", from season 6 of Buffy. I don't think anything I'm going to share is really that much of a spoiler at this point, but if you really don't want to be spoilered about Buffy's relationship situation, then you don't get the squirminess description.

So, I'm watching this scene with Spike taking Buffy from behind up on the dark balcony in the Bronze, and he's whispering dark nothings in her ear, and I was torn between being stunned that this actually played on prime time TV and just melting in my seat. Her expression of being torn between loving it and hating herself for loving it, and the exhibitionist thing, and just...yeah.

Totally did it for me. *squirm*

Current Mood: hornysquirmy

I totally agree! It's a really hot scene!

I've never watched buffy in my life but this sounds like a scene worth watching!

This has nothing to do with this post

So I was talking with 2/3 of the Entropic Trinity and a few other people last night, and I realized that I don't really have any idea what fenton looks like these days, because I haven't seen him in several years. Since the chances of me getting to Denver or y'all getting to KC anytime soon are fairly slim, could you please send me a photo of him?

My "other brother" (triadruid) reminded me that, considering the source, I should probably specify the following:
1. It should be a clothed picture.
2. He should be wearing his clothes.
3. His work clothes.
4. His daytime work clothes.

Something to indicate scale, for the benefit of people to whom I might show the photo, might also be good.