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Ys [userpic]

Actually read a little bit of LJ for the first time in a bit this morning.

Release today. Just-in-case SWAT call starts tomorrow morning at 5 am, and I ought to be on it at that point, at least long enough to check and make sure nothing's exploded.

As a "management" employee (read: non-union), if the union strikes in a week here, I get to go down to Pueblo and fix phone wiring and the like. Drive a truck around, stare at big punchdown blocks, that sort of thing. If it actually happens, I have to report for work at 7 am on Sunday. (And the assumption for everyone is 12 hour days, 7 days a week until the strike ends, because it'll take that just to keep up with minimums.) I actually think it'll be sort of fun if it does happen, certainly better than having to do customer support/sales rep work, which is what most folks in IT end up doing. Well, except for the 12 hour days part, but ah well.

Been to the doctor three times in the last couple of weeks, largely because of the stupid issues with my sinuses/teeth/jaw/brain. Treated a sinus infection, which didn't fix the problem (though the sinus infection was definitely aggravating things). The last trip got me a steroidal nasal spray and a different antihistamine (Zyrtec, never tried it before), and so far those seem to be helping a lot. I'm cautiously optimistic, as several times previously we found something that helped for a day or two and then stopped. It's possible I'm having migraines. It's possible I was/am dealing with some sort of mineral deficiency (certainly it seemed like I was low on sodium, which I think I've fixed for the moment).

Anyway, I have a physical/full workup scheduled for next week. Right before I get to go work 12x7, maybe.

All that said, I'm actually in a pretty good mood today. I'm not unhappy, just impatient, really.

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Current Mood: anxiousimpatient

About the Zyrtec, its worked pretty well for people in my family. Hopefully it'll work well for you.

This is more of a response to your post today (14-Sep-2005), but since you've got comments disabled, I thought I'd chime in here.

Sorry to hear about your physical ailments. I know how difficult chronic issues can be - I've suffered from chronic epidydimitis for 10 years now. It sucks. But, like me, you'll persevere.

"I'm alive. Not sure how happy I am about that fact, but I'm alive."

We're happy about it. There's a shortage of bisexual, polyamorous, Thor worshippers in the world you know. It's better if you stick around. :)