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Ys [userpic]

kynn points out something important about a letter-to-the-editor complaining about the UCC's accepting policies.

Current Mood: pissed offpissed off

I'm in a bad enough mood to be surly about how for it to actually be from a bad person, you have to point out the racism. The anti-queer hate? Not enough. You can hate the fags and still be a good person; hating t3h fags is fine.

(No, I'm not accusing kynn of homophobia.)

The Bible also endorses slavery. Maybe this particular person thinks we should be paying more attention to those parts of it.

So basically the argument has two parts;

The Bible basically says that people get married purely so that they can breed, and any non-breedin' marriages, well, God doesn't like that.

Church services should follow a traditional European mold, with classical styled choral work. Now logically it'd follow that such a spiritual neccessity is outlined very specifically within the Bible, like the need for only heterosexual breeding marriages. But oddly, I don't remember anything from religious school where God specifies the nature of liturgical music.