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Ys [userpic]

For those of you who've never seen the tool ljArchive (ljarchive and now on sourceforge), it's a very nice tool for pulling your livejournal and keeping a local copy. Personally, I use it for easily searching through my journal as much as actually having a backup.

Unfortunately, the author hasn't been available to maintain it lately (he's off backpacking around the world, and it sounds like he's having fun). He didn't get any responses at the time when he asked if anyone else was interested in helping to support it while he was gone.

So I've created a sourceforge project for it and I'm going to see about implementing tags support in it, at least, since I want that. We'll see what else happens. If you're a .NET developer or willing to do some fiddling on it with me, or even just willing to generally help support it 'cause it's cool, let me know.

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In theory, it should run under Mono but as far as I know no one's done any work on that. Supposedly Mono runs on OS X... It's possible the GUI would need to be re-implemented under Mono (I don't know enough there, haven't really looked) or at least worked with. Supposedly the underlying stuff has been seperated out, though.

If you're interested in figuring out what that would take, that'd be very cool. I haven't gotten around to trying anything of the sort yet.

I'm happy to add you to the sourceforge project if you tell me your sf account. Feel free to drop that in email or something.

It also looks like #develop is getting somewhere with their Mono support (though I have no idea where that really stands).

I downloaded the source but noticed that the .sln and .csproj files are in VS8 format.

I haven't bought an upgrade from VS7 -- is VS8 actually required or are the project files just MSFT versioned incompatible?

That's a good question. I don't know offhand. I've not tried to push a VS.NET 2003 project back into VS.NET.

#develop seems to be getting along nicely, though...

I just tried #develop and was able to import the project, even though #develop says it supports only VS.NET 7.

After two errors, I was able to compile the source and run ljArchive.

1- Common\Journal.cs:112 -- the compiler complains that "public EventsDataTable Events" ought to be "new public EventsDataTable Events" because it hides an inherited member.

2- I needed to comment out EntryReader.cs because the compiler couldn't find AxAgentObjects. I assume that this is because I don't have the MSFT Agent SDK on my box.

Yeah, I saw the first one earlier. I haven't looked at it yet to see if just dropping a new in there is the right answer or if it should have its name changed.

Nice to know that it basically works under #develop, though. I'll have to look into what AxAgentObjects is about and see whether either that SDK is redistributable or it can be tweaked or what.

Do you have a sourceforge account? Are you interested in me adding you to the project?