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Ys [userpic]

Lynn Conway has posted a good update on the whole Bailey bisexuals-don't-exist thing, for those who're curious.

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I'm just posting because I'm amused that your journal, in the tab I had it in, got cut down to "More Than One Member..."

Well, the genital arousal study might not be wrong. From what i've heard, the "peter meter" and is difficult to fool. Child predetors who are trying to fool the test will still come up as being attracted to children, for instance. So, if the person being measured is primarily attracted to men, thats what it would pick up. I would argue, though, that a bisexual who is primarily attracted to men on a given sitting might be primarily attracted to women a different day. I mean, I may be really in the mood for sushi and if you show, say cereal (which i usually like) it wouldn't trigger anything - OK niether would trigger anything sexually, but you get the idea. A bisexual might be jonsing for cock on the day of the study and appear "gay." If I were a man: I'd be gay, and I am a man, except for that double X/lack of Y thing that makes me unmanly. So, I'm not bi, becuase women are unattractive and smell funny. I guess not being bi, I have no proof that they exist, except to take peoples word for it. However, why the heck would they lie? I mean, take the chick at the pool for instance - she wanted me to look at her boyfriend's butt (agreed, nice butt) but then she kept making comments about my sexiness and invited me to their house for margaritas. Uncomfortable day for me, sure. But lets' assume she had a goal in mind besides just making my leisurly afternoon by the pool uncomfortable. Logically, she's Bi. Forget logic. Who wears a white, unlined, bikini anyway?