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Ys [userpic]

If you feel so inclined, describe your image of me either in a haiku or in exactly 13 words, your choice.

I prefer that you make me laugh, but it's not required. (However, well-done insults will be appreciated more than bland compliments. I much prefer the meta-message "you were worth spending time composing something on". Of course, if you really needed that explained to you, you probably don't know enough to write anything useful...so just write something entertaining instead! *grin*)

P.S. Yes, there is an existing meme going around, but one word is way, way too boring. Or inaccurate at best.

P.P.S. Yes, I am an attention slut, hadn't you noticed before now?

ETA: Woot! Two haikus of exactly 13 words so far! Y'all are so cool.

Current Mood: amusedamused

you were so fuzzy
i was reading about dogs
you didn't poke fun

I missed a chance to
poke fun? Damn livejournal and
its firehose volume...

It may be stupid
But it seems that even you
Couldn't resist it...

Besides, I don't need
silly haiku affection
to know that you care

(Which isn't to say
that it doesn't make me squee
it does that and more)

I don't mind windows
bathrooms I can make spotless
dishes are right out


Nah, I'm gonna go all mushy on you.

To wit:

Years past, far away
Friends' laughter, tears, hope and joy
Memories of Elf

Re: *pbbbbft!*


*hugs and is all mushy 'n' stuff*

We really need to arrange to spend a weekend together or somethin', yaknow?

Since I really should

Never forgotten,
distant though they may be. Near
to my heart always.

(It's quite difficult
to haiku when one's brain wants
another language.)


anime chiclet
alternative defender
you live nearby me?


Re: hmmmmmmmm

So it would appear
I, too, hadn't realized
Just how close we are

Re: hmmmmmmmm

That explains a lot
The urges I've been having
I can smell your brains

Re: hmmmmmmmm

This is sort of neat
Should we intermingle soon
Or stay apart for good? :)

(I always thought you were down in S. Florida somewhere -- I was surprised when I checked a month ago...:)

Re: hmmmmmmmm

Aie! South Florida?
Not a freakin' chance in hell.
I like the desert.

Personally, I'm
thinking we should arrange some
sort of rendezvous.


M'kay, but I'm shy ;)
And also today I took
Damage of eight-four bucks.

(in bounced check fees. sorry...$84. Blaaaargh. I'm now $108 in the hole!!!)

All due to tardy
Reporting of hours worked
To my contract boss

And rent is due soon
So I'm kind of freaking out
Where I will get bucks

Also I'm introvert-
ed, and it's sometimes hard to
crawl out from my hole :/

But yes, probably
I'd love to meet and greet and
Eat or drink, how sweet :)

Re: :)

You know, it's been a
year, even more, since this post
still haven't done lunch

Singing Princess girls;
Fairies; TMI. Scary.
But in the good way.

Not too bland, I hope.
I know you prefer insults
but that's not my style.

Also, thirteen words
If you count "TMI" as
three separate ones.

Humorous I'm not.
Write small haiku full of thought?
Thirteen words on dot.

not a bland compliment (;

the only reason
you're on my friendslist at all
is those cute icons

Re: not a bland compliment (;

I'll take whatever
I can get. If my icons
inspire, then great!

I'm bored, it appears.
The cure is a naughty girl
Who makes me write verse

4% pure goddess?
Eek @ .56.

Just found your journal
Quite the interesting read
What's with the fairies?

From a long lost friend ;-)

Darling you are hot
Deliciously submissive
You have all the fun

You are a pervert
And you have a dirty mind
It's nice to find friends