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Ys [userpic]
New icons

Saw this set of expressions, and knew they had to be LJ icons.

Current Mood: amusedamused

Sooo cuuute! Where did you find those?

I stumbled onto 4chan.org this morning. Which lead me to a variety of other, similar places.

Somewhere on one of them I found an image that had all of these in one big image, and worked from that.

I also found a lot of other things. O_o

<3 Etna

A winner is you!

Very sweet!

But I don't suppose you'd be able to put them behind a cut, or cut the line in half so it's two lines rather than one? It's about two pictures too long for my screen.


they are cute and expressive,..:)

very cool. ^_^

I always wanted to play Disagea, much to the chagrin of my social life. (What social life?)

Those would make better emoticons you know. :P Just shrink them a bit and you could use them on your journal.



Wonder if they have any for Laharl?

I want!

Added you

I noticed you have depression and ADHD problems, so since I can relate, I added you.

I wouldn't expect many comments on anything to do with sex, though, except rather dispassionately; I'm fairly Buddhist at the moment when it comes to all of that, and no one else really wants to hear my unsolicited views on BDSM type stuff!

That being said, sometimes I talk about disassociation.

So do the stimulants help you more than they hurt you? I have trouble coping with the crash. It knocks out my support systems.


Re: Added you

So do the stimulants help you more than they hurt you? I have trouble coping with the crash.

Absolutely. I'll note that I take Adderall, which is four different salts, which ameliorates the crash immensely. Ritalin's crash was really, really unpleasant for me.

I also take the short-acting version, and I take it three times a day (two is more standard). This lets me manage the ups and downs of it quite a bit and that's helped a bunch too. I was initially annoyed at getting the short-acting version instead of the extended-release one (insurance, initially) but it's ended up being a much better solution in the long run.

Another piece is that as far as I can tell, standard dosing of these drugs is still aimed at kids. I'm taking 20mg/30mg/30mg at the moment — many doctors seem to prescribe less than half that for an adult. I found that there is this plateau early on while you're ramping up dosage where the drugs help enough that you notice all the things you're screwing up but you still don't have enough help to really manage to fix it, and that was really hard to get through and really made me want to give up/stop. It got dramatically better as I got my dosage up higher, though.

Anyway. Tired, need to sleep.