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Ys [userpic]

A friend of mine said (in a locked post):

I want to call out childish to work.

I'm sorry Boss, I just can't handle being an adult today. I have to stay home, build a fort, and take a nap on the floor with the cats. I'm under strict orders from the doctor to dunk my cookies in milk and cut the crust off the bread on my sandwiches.
While I don't feel that way today, I can so relate to the sentiment.

I think "kid days" should be as normal as the occasional sick day, dammit.

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
I'm right with you on this one

We do have mental health days. But we have to take vacation days to use them. I work in a fairly permissive envirionment and being sent home cranky isn't out of the question.

I second that emotion.

Actual conversation had with a supervisor in a prior job (I worked both weekend days):

Me: "Hey John. Sorry to call so late."
Boss: "No problem. So what's up?"
Me: "I'm calling in cranky. I had a crappy day, my car isn't running right, It's friday night, and I'm at a party. So I won't be at work tomorrow."
Boss: "Are you going to be okay tomorrow?"
Me: "Depends on how much I drink. I'll either be cranky or hung over."
Boss: "Ok. Going to be in Sunday?"
Me: "Yeah."
Boss: "No problem. See you Monday."

I think that's how I usually feel, unfortunately.

Out of all the places in the world to work, you'd think Disney would be the one place where you can call out childish. Sadly, no. But I so wish. God knows I'd use it.