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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]
Yes, I just finished reading the series.

"Must be in the blood," Lady muttered, forcing herself to look at the girl. "The women of my blood are fated to spend most of their existence trapped and asleep." She rested her weight more fully on the girls, extended a hand to touch Booboo's cheek. She lapsed into the language of the Jewel Cities. "Asleep like this was the only way I ever saw my mother. She was the one they told the first Sleeping Beauty stories about. Her Prince Charming never came. My father did. And he was content with her the way she was."

Now there was a slice of horror to lug around in the back of your brain: knowing that your mother was not even aware that you had been born.

And we like to whine about how cruel the world is today.

They were giants in the olden days.

We will be giants ourselves five hundred years from now.
—From the Fifth Book of Croaker
 (Soldiers Live, by Glen Cook, quoted without permission)

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I wish that Glen Cook's Dread Empire series hadn't blown up...