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Ys [userpic]

This essay is brilliant, and public now, too! Chronic illness as a "second job" makes a remarkably good analogy, I think.

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I'm glad that you like it. Thank you for the compliment.

Interesting. Good read.

Of course, I have a second job, too, and it isn't part time, it's fulltime plus some: three children. As such, I don't relate to the idea of being frustrated at not being free to do social stuff during normal "non-working hours", since that's a freedom I gave up years ago. But at least people understand; few people expect me to be able to able to skip out on my second job (though there are still some, and it always surprises me. "Um...sure, no problem, I can do that...you were going to spring for the sitter, right?").

If someone is working a fulltime job and they have children and they have a chronic illness, I think they get credit for working three jobs.

HUgs and much love for posting that. I am a parent of a disabled child with a chronic medical disorder. Someday, when kiddo gets a bit better, I will go back to work. It's nice to know someone out there understands that having such a problem and children is a job in itself. Most of the time, people prefer to just pass judgement. You have just seriously made my whole week hon. :)

You know, I was thinking about this tonight. I quit my full time job a few weeks after B was born. Around the same time, husband started us on a work-from home endeavor, which, although good, has to squeeze in, yet be important. So, we have: full time mum of two children with very different needs/housewife, home-based business part time, illness(es) as a third. Yet, most people wouldn't recognize 1 or 3 as a 'job' and 2 impacts 1, 3, and any other that might come along (and it shortens your life so much more too).

Nice read, thank you for passing on the link.