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Ys [userpic]

If these sorts of things don't horrify you...then I'm not sure I can ever wrap my brain around your way of thinking.

I cannot see this sort of thing as anything but a way for petty people to make themselves feel good by controlling other people, at the expense of those other people. If that's not firmly into evil, I'm not sure what is.

This sort of thing is why I worry about religious power, particularly the self-righteous variety.

Current Mood: distresseddisturbed

I'm suddenly reminded of a similar story about a Walgreen's pharmacist in Wisconsin.

In fact, I've been reading more and more stories along this line over the past year or so and it disturbs the hell out of me. I can't help but take this practice to a logical extreme in my head, and I wonder when we'll start seeing cashiers refusing to check someone out because their loot contains something to which the cashier has a strong moral or ethical objection - beer, cigarettes, condoms, pork, coffee, not-dolphin-safe tuna, aspirin - and not getting fired for it.

Heh. Perhaps we'll one day soon start seeing anti-choice pharmacies popping up, safe places for those with delicate yet aggressive consciences to work without fear of having their personal beliefs compromised in the workplace, pharmacies which carry no birth control pills, nor forms of emergency contraception, nor any sort of birth control device, up to and including condoms, sponges, and spermicidal lubricants.