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Ys [userpic]

I really really like my Froud The Faeries' Oracle deck. And it tends to be remarkably assertive, particularly with Amy.

But, you know, the faeries really like smacking me upside the head with a clue by four, pretty much every time I do a reading for me. I swear I can almost hear the giggles of amusement at doing it every time, too.

Just sayin'.

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Current Mood: amusedbemused

that is a great deck

Oooooh, prettypretty!

That is a snappy icon.

I mean, your name, but so symmetrical. It looks lovely.

Re: That is a snappy icon.

Thanks! I do love it. I was dating ceruleanst for a time, and he made it for me as a birthday present. He's an artist, and has a couple Web comics, but his bread-and-butter seems to be making ambigrams for corporate logos, Web sites, etc. That's why the name in the icon looks so symetrical--it's an ambigram, so it reads the same right-side-up as it does up-side-down. Someone pointed out that it's actually a double-ambigram because it can be read as two different words: "My" "Ivy." :)

He still takes ambigram requests, I believe, for a fee. :)

Well, he's certainly a talented young man...

Ah, talent -- and the means to wring moola out of it. Yum. :) Life is good.

That's sweet that it could be read as My Ivy. *Awwwwwwwwwwwwww*!!! He musta wuvvie-wuved you!! :)

I'm baffled at how he's going to make ceruleansummer, or stephen (my real name), look *that* good. I don't think he can. Can he? Good lord, that'd be a monstrosity...

I love that deck. That is what I primarily use for my paid client readings, too. I agree with you about it being hard hitting and hearing them giggling sometimes. :)