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Ys [userpic]

I have reached the point where I am looking forward to the surgery, even though I am really quite terrified about it. (Due to the situation, I am at risk of nerve damage and sinus damage. My lower right tooth is either straddling the main nerve in the jaw, or right next to it, and has hooked roots. My upper right tooth has splayed roots and either has already penetrated my sinus or is right next to it.)

Yes, it sucks that much.

Why, yes, I would like some cheese. Thank you for offering.

Current Mood: grumpywhiny
Oh, sweetie.

That sucks. I hope you take all the pain meds they give you. It might be, though, that the pain you feel post-surgery will be less than the pain you've gotten used to enduring right now. Here's hoping all will go smoothly for you.

::thinking boring dental surgery thoughts::

Erk. General snugs, honey! It sounds like a scary situation either way, and I hope you come through it with flying colors.

Hi..where did you make your icon??

I like the look of it better than the avatar face-type I'm currently using...please share? Thanks! =^)

Re: Hi..where did you make your icon??

Hiya! I built it on Yahoo's Avatar builder, which is pretty keen, but you do need a Yahoo ID to use it. Also, you have to use it via IE, for what it's worth.

Thank you!!!

I'm experimenting with the faces...none quite look like my facial shape...bleah!! I may change it around...but anyways, thanks oodles!!

Re: Thank you!!!

You're quite welcome. And that's a pretty nifty icon!

Thank you...but yours is *so* much prettier...

I mean, your icon is quite a looker! My hair...I tried to make it close to my current color, but...it just looks *wrong* somehow. Can't really make out the waves and such in it. And my face looks squished. I'm more between face #1 and #4, if I remember correctly...not everyone has a face that looks like it just came off the WB Network!! =^p heh...

Re: Thank you...but yours is *so* much prettier...

Aww gosh, thank you! ^_^ This icon is close to my proper hair style, but the face isn't quite right for me, either. It would be nice if they spent a little less effort on all the various accoutrements that come with the avatars and a little bit more on a wider range of facial and body types!

I will not offer cheese, but will instead offer snugs! Because snugs are less sarcastic, and oral surgery is rarely funny.

I also have no cheese, but will offer hugs and sympathy. I hope everything goes well, hon.

Won't cheese make it hurt more? Have some crusty french bread instead.

Er, um, I mean, feel better soon. *pet*

*huge hugs*

And more hugs and hand holding.

Ow. Just listening to that description hurts way more than I like.

I had oral surgery for my wisdom teeth (lo, these many years ago...) Like yours, the dentist couldn't handle the job because it was too delicate.

The surgery went fine. I was totally dopey for the week after due to the painkillers they gave me, but that's because the doctor didn't listen when I first told him I was resistant to medication. He gave me the standard shot to put me out, and out I went.

I understand he was very suprised when I woke up halfway through and demanded another shot - after grabbing his tie and yanking him up *close*. So he gave me a prescription for LOTS of painkillers after the procedure was done. And so I was dopey.

Moral? As long as the doc is listening, it should be smooth sailing. It's tough to become an oral surgeon; the acceptance rate is lower than most surgical specializations. They are smart, capable, and competent. They just need to be gently smacked if you need to tell them something, so you know they are listening.

*Hugs*. It will be fine.

It's like a gigantic tackle pile of huggees!!!

Not to be confused with the evil Indian cult in "Indy Jones 2", the Thuggees. Heh!

*leaps and forms another layer of living hug blanket! :)*