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Ys [userpic]

griffen has a little poll about work and reasons why people work and I thought I'd share my response to it:

Given the choice, I would "work" but it would largely involve playing around with a wide variety of new things, learning how they work, and teaching those things and how to use them for practical purposes to small groups who then did things that had end results I could admire and know I had a part in. I like the learning/teaching aspects and the interactions with humans parts of what I do, by and large. I would almost certainly regularly contribute to a variety of open-source efforts that interested me, and I would also take more time to go do exploratory things (travel to places where I don't speak the language or don't speak it well, for example, and see/experience cool things). If I got to do a lot of travel I'd probably love to write about it...that whole 'sharing the cool new things I found' dynamic.

I don't like the tedium that is a necessary component of almost anything real, the getting-details-right stages, and the dealing with people who suck and/or just care more about their own power struggles/goals/emotional buttons/etc than about getting something useful done as a group. (And there are a disturbing number of people who seem to fall into that latter category. People who want to get things done seem to be a fairly small subset of the people I've had to work with in my career.)
I can't imagine not working but I can so imagine not having anything like a normal day job and being very happy that way...

I do have a day job right now, largely because I need the money to live in a style that I like. Yes, I've got some materialism going, what about it? And it drives me nuts to have nothing to do, or to have only things like housework and the like to do (that's not quite as bad as nothing, but close, given my frustration over such tasks and my ability or lack thereof to do them well).

Anyway, speaking of work, back to it. Lots to get done in the next few days here.

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A real conversation

I meant this when I said it, and I still agree with it.

MIKE: Would you keep your job if you won the lottery?
DOUG: Yes. [thinks] Yes, I would. I just wouldn't do it as well.

would "work"

people tell me "it must be nice to not have to work",. i correct them "it's nice to work at the things i love and not have to answer to a mystic overlord who most times hasn't a clue what your job really entails,..o.0

but the down side is it's 24/7 ,..but i ain't complainin,..:)

I'll randomly comment here.

I love my job a good portion of the time. I like the interaction with other people, the problem solving aspect, and the amount of self-regulation that I have. On the other hand, I'd also like to sleep more. :)

I think my personal best situation would be to have a part-time job doing something less stressful, perhaps involving animals, and maybe some volunteer work on the side. That'd give me more time to do what I want and yet still get me out of the house to interact with people which is something I need.

This comment is 10% info, 90% disclaimers.

Sometimes I wonder if the boring tedious dregs of generic daily work prods people to be more selfish than useful (wrt power struggles, emotional buttons, etc etc), because seriously, there's not a lot of useful needed, it seems.  If I can get my job done in two hours but I have to be here for eight, I'll sure-fire not be productive-oriented, because it doesn't do a damn thing for me.  "Whee, I did my day's work in two hours!  Now to... sit around and look busy... and pray that something else comes in... yeah."  Better to do a bit of work interspersed with a bit of play.

(This might just be me.  I'm really bored right now.)

Brought about by comparing "good goddamn worker" to "good goddamn driver".  I don't think that you're lying, but I think that nearly everybody thinks they're a better worker than they are (though not to the same degree that they think they're a better'n average driver, heh), and I gotta wonder if it's because being less than productive is demonised without being understood, sometimes.

On the other other hand, I've known some people who really are just total dickheads, in one fashion or another.  Backstabbing, more political than is necessary, chatterboxen... ugh.

Re: This comment is 10% info, 90% disclaimers.

See, I tend to be productive in bursts; when I'm being productive I can produce more in one long day than most people do in a week or more. These tend to be interspersed with stretches of fairly low productivity, and my challenge is often to figure out how to balance 'em out. This does not in any way make me an optimal worker; if you're a really good manager and understand how to use me, I can be quite good, but then again if you're a really good manager you understand how to effectively use just about anyone...

But I was speaking less of actual productivity and more of motivation. Some people care about the end result. They care that the team does well, that something gets done at the end of the day. They are willing to help other people because one person getting stuck hurts everyone in the long run. They understand their own strengths and weaknesses and are pleased when they get to use their strengths and even more pleased when their weaknesses are shored up by the team.

Then there are people who care about how they look, about their own power and standing, and so forth, at the expense of the things I just mentioned. They conceal information because they look better if they're the only ones with that information, even if it hurts the end result overall. They backstab, lie, misdirect and refuse to cooperate.

It's those latter people I hate dealing with. Someone who is perhaps not optimally productive but is cooperative and helpful, that's just fine with me. I'm not asking everyone to give 100% all the time, I just don't like people who obstruct for personal gain.

Or even just the us-and-them mentality that often develops in big companies. I've known people who were great "team players" within their team, but refused to cooperate/actively obstructed other teams, even when it hurt the company as a whole.

That's the sort of thing I was talking about, if that makes any sense.

At this point I only "work" because I have kids to feed and they expect to have somewhere to live. By myself I don't require that many resources so I could be happy doing freelance work just to get by. I totally want to sleep in more, but the holders of the paycheck deem it unnecessary.