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Ys [userpic]

ginmar was talking about books 'n' movies 'n' sex 'n' stuff and said this, and I thought it was really profound:

Because there’s the thing that got to me. Sex is significant, but both of those writers missed why by a mile, while Holly nailed it. Sometimes love doesn’t come first; sometimes it comes after. Sometimes it’s what you see in bed that reveals what others never see, and, yes, that is intimate. Sometimes you can in fact strip off your burdens with your clothes and forget them with someone else’s body. Maybe that’s what it’s for, sometimes. Sometimes sex is more than sex, but the problem is, it’s still sex. It’s still a prosaic act that results from arousal, but it can in fact cause other kinds of arousal too. A lot of times it doesn’t matter who or what you are, just what you’re doing or feeling, and in these times where sex is supposed to be either For Love or For Children, the idea that the act itself is meaningful is just about revolutionary.

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