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Ys [userpic]

ginmar has the best summary of Randall Terry I have ever seen. Ever. To wit:

Randall Terry is officially my answer now if someone ever mentions the Affair du Blowjob again. So let's recap:

Terry is a man who wants women everywhere to get punished for sex, presumably having something to do with the fact that his mother and her sisters were all feminists. He certainly observed their bad marriages and the acts of the men who abused them and made them feminists, and evidently his sympathies were completely with the men. He certainly likes to control women. He also appears to like using them sexually, as he's been disciplined at least twice by his church for inappropriate sexual relationships outside the nineteen-year marriage he ended for the sake of a twenty-two-year old 'assistant.' And let's not keep that tit-for-tat innuendo to ourselves: the wingnuts said that Clinton's cheating might mean he was a rapist. Well, Clinton appears to actually like women, whereas Terry appears to absolutely despise us. Which tendency makes it more likely the person is an abuser?

Oh, yeah, and then there's the fact that Terry publicly reamed out his gay adopted son and made some attacks on the boy--who was just the age of his new stepmom, how cute!----that came perilously close to racism.

Terry expresses his sympathies to women by hitting on them, trying to gut their constitutional rights, and force them to carry any and all pregnancies to term, even if they could cause death. Not to mention all the fun things he says about women, much less feminists.

I'm sure he's just misunderstood.

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