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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

My last ~48 hrs, in summary.

1 sandwich. 2 pickle quarters. 1 orange eighth. A few spoonfuls of ice cream. A couple of slices of lunch meat with cheese. A couple of broccoli florets. And just now, since I realized all that, two slices of cold leftover pizza.

About 10 hours of sleep. A little over half of it fairly decent sleep, at least.

Forgot my hormones last night and this morning. I think I've remembered most everything else.

Dentist appointment wherein they told me I have a couple of things that need repair (going back in a week and a half for that) and verified that I will need to go to an oral surgeon to get my wisdoms out. All four covered by and embedded in bone; my lower right one is either right next to the main nerve in my jaw or straddling it, she wasn't sure. It's going to suck. (My dentist back in '88 told me I needed to get 'em out, and I've just never been in a situation where I could afford to do so, even with insurance, because it was so bad. But I've got to do them now, which leads me to...)

Issues from the wisdom teeth are getting pretty bad. One migraine, medium-bad (took abortive medicine, but a little too late). Fairly constant throbbing and balance issues, and some jaw, temple and neck pain. It'll likely be a while before I can get in with a good oral surgeon, though.

My stepfather's mother's funeral today. She was probably the closest grandparent to me, at least in my adult life. It was a beautiful ceremony. I cried all the way through it. I cried particularly hard when my Mom got up and talked about how Betty adopted us into her family. In many ways, Betty gave me back my Mom when I was estranged from everyone, because she set such an example of unconditional love and acceptance and because she helped my Mom and stepdad through some hard times. Her death had been coming for a while; we were all happy to have gotten to see her at Christmas and such, and it took long enough that she had time over the last week to say goodbye to nearly everyone in person (including me). Which helped with the whole coping-with-grief thing, but that didn't mean I didn't cry a lot.

We were running late this morning, so Amy didn't manage to get breakfast. By the time the ceremony was done, she was struggling with the beginnings of a migraine and with hyperacidic stomach and it was pretty difficult in my rather emotional state to stay at all supportive and not just curl up into a guilt-ridden ball.

Two plus hours of DDR (Monday night), and a Tae Kwon Do class (tonight). It was a great class tonight but I sucked really badly every time I thought about anything. Only stuff that worked on autopilot worked at all well. Passed out once during back kicks, but managed not to fall over or have to crouch there with my head down for more than maybe ten-fifteen seconds. I did learn something important about a couple of moves, though, things I wasn't getting right and now I know what I was doing wrong, so that part was good.

About 12 hours of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Good game, good also for hiding from emotional state.

I expect tomorrow and Friday to be very busy at work. Don't know yet whether I'll have to do some work on the weekend or not, but I may.

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

Sorry to hear about the funeral. Hope you feel better soon. Try to eat a little more and take care of yourself. Hopefully next week will slow down some for ya.

His ~angel~

I know about that using games as a way to hide from an emotional state...

Sounds like some bumpy times...

{{{hugs}}} and sympathy, hon.

I'm glad you at least seem (?) to have insurance to get it done...being a contractor sucks big time.

And yeah. SW: KOTOR (or did you mean KOTOR2) rocks. :) Xbox, or PC? I'm in the middle of it on PC and taking a few days break...Nar Shaddaa was a major pain in the ass to finish "correctly". Those developers really rushed the game out the door, the bastiches...[nothing wrong with losing yourself for a while, btw]