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Ys [userpic]

Because shadesong's didn't have enough options.

Poll #479940 Pirates, Ninjas, et al

You know the drill.


Current Mood: amusedamused

What about a Pirate Ninja Wizard Monkeys? They'd be unbeatable! Especially if they were *flying* Pirate Ninja Wizard Monkeys.

That's why you can pick 'em all!

Would you mind if I took your icon?

Obviously, it would be useless to me in its current form; I'm looking at deconstructing it in Ulead's GIF Animator and using the base frame alone without the animatjon...I love pictures of phoenixes and that one is really pretty, colorwise and detail...I will respect your decision though (I could even mirror image it so it doesn't look the same...)...let me know? Thanks! (pic of blue phoenix I modified as well, if you're interested in that one...)

Re: Would you mind if I took your icon?

It's not my base, it comes from ezzicons (completely textless). If you check with her, it should be okay.

I assume that you already know about Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot (and the delixe and RPG versions)?

I made a framework once for a movie about...let's see, what was it...evil magic ninjas that control zombie pirates, and a bunch of college kids who team up with an amazon neko schoolgirl from the future and a robot gorilla with laser eyes, who fight the evil ninjas/zombie pirates.

Pirates rule, Monkeys drool!


I don't get it. :/