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Ys [userpic]

Cool find! zylch, you in particular will want to read this if you haven't heard about it already...


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Heard about it over the weekend, actually, but yes, 'tis waaaay cool. I'm glad they're getting this technology online -- I'm guessing that they're working on the Oxyrh. as a preliminary to tackling the finds from the Villa of the Papyri, which is an even cooler cache (if you can believe that). That's what they were talking about doing with this tech a few years ago, anyway. See, Caesar's father in law had a villa at Herculaneum with a huuuuuuge library, and when Vesuvius erupted the papyri scrolls were carbonized. So right now any traces of ink are black on black, and you only really get one chance to unroll and read them because they're so very delicate. The Oxyrh. are in generally better shape, so better for improving the technology on. But perhaps soon there will be even more new texts. Yay!