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Ys [userpic]

Just finished watching Finding Neverland.


I, of course, cried my eyes out at several points. And laughed at several others. (And thought I was going to asphixiate from laughing so hard watching the outtakes.)

Now I crash.

Current Mood: impressedamazed

That movie was so beautiful. I was on a date when I saw it and I was trying so hard not to let my eye-makeup run.

I haven't seen ir yet...looks like I should.

I really enjoyed that movie, too. :)

i loved that movie. i cried a lot...

Yes! silenceleigh and I saw it just because it was the only thing showing that didn't sound totally blah, and we wanted to see a movie. We both loved it! Johnny Depp is a real actor. I would never pick him out liek some actors, who always seem to play themselves, just in different costumes. Very touching. I could not help thinking "too mad they were not polyamorous, this could have been somewhat less heartbreaking".