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Ys [userpic]
I'm really coming to love me some Rude Pundit.

rudepundit sez:

So, you know, the traitorous fuckers who gathered in D.C. this week to lash out at "judicial activism" can quote Josef Stalin all they want. They can have a genocidal, mad dictator to give wind to their sails. We'll take the Founders, queer and straight, any day of the week over Stalin, Schlafly, and Dobson.

Current Mood: impressedimpressed

This guy is awesome! I wish I had his gift for diplomacy. *BIG EVIL SHIT-EATING GRIN*

So I'm wondering if you think we might enjoy reading one another's journals, if you think so, please respond "YES" and we'll do the reciprical LJ friends thing...

Added you, though on first skim most of your public posts are memes and the like, which won't keep you on my Default View for long. On the other hand, your userinfo suggests you might have interesting friendslocked stuff. *grin*

Feel free to dig through my memories for interesting stuff. I've written weird things about Faerie, spirituality, kink, my trip to Thailand, stupid humor... Knock yourself out!