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Ys [userpic]
OMFG Grrlgeektastic!

(Unfortunately, this seems to only work well on IE on Windows, but it's worth it.)

Fairies. And computer geekery. And a song I rather like.


Go to MTV's site for Evanescence and look at the "Bring Me To Life" MTV2 video mod.


Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: Bring Me To Life. Duh.

Those are some fine, fine faeries, too.

This prompted a search for the 'Dusk and Dawn video game'. All I could find were demos by Nvidia featuring the faeries Dusk and Dawn as samples of what the GeForce GPU can do. And a bunch of links to MTV's video. Any idea of there is actually a *game involving faeries OMG*, or is it just a misnomer on the video because they really meant it features the Nvidia demo girls?

Because if there is such a game, it shall be mine. Someday. When those elusive "time" and "money" things come back into my life...


Good point. I think it may just be the NVidia demo girls, not an actual video game.

Too bad, too. 'Cuz OMGFAIRIES I would buy 'em, too, yeah.