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Ys [userpic]
We bought some new cat torture devices

Yes, it's worksafe.

Current Mood: amusedlaughing my ass off

I was scared to click at first. *grin*

That is awesome!!!!! Poor cat. *giggle*


Haha, a giant hamster maze would be awesome.

Oh lordy, I'm dyin' here! Too bad all our cats are too dense to notice things like that!

I'm jealous of your nice cat. Mine would have torn that thing apart trying to get at the sweet, sweet rodent within. Her predatory instincts are obnoxiously keen.

It's why I can't own a rabbit.

Damn, I'm really jealous.

See, he was trying to. We've arranged it to make that particularly difficult, moreso than it might seem on first glance. Which was part of why we were laughing so hard watching him, and I just had to take pictures.

It's all about understanding what they can do and how they'll do it and preventing those things.

It's why I can't own a rabbit.

Don't be so sure about that. I've got a friend who has a blind rabbit. The rabbit kicked the ass of a terrier that was over visiting.

Two things:

1) Awesome habitat for the rodentia!

2) Awwww! KITTY! *hug*

LOL Cute kitty-great set-up!


awwwwwwww, da cwazed widda kitty!!! =^D

I love how cats are crazy. Crazy, and they track things, and try to destroy them to get to the surprise inside. Alas for them. :)