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Ys [userpic]

More people should read this article about CSS and its ilk. Though this one is both well done (in terms of teaching step by step) and funny, which is a nice combination.

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Thank the Gods. The last time I tried to teach myself CSS (which was admittedly 199X), the only available resources said "It's a really good idea. Uh, if you want to do anything more than make a stylesheet of font styles, er, just go read the W3C recommendations."

Of course, that's like opening up your VCR manual and having it walk you step-by step through how to play and rewind a VHS tape, and then having it say "to learn how to set the clock and program the machine to record your favorite shows, go read a book on electrical engineering." Guh.

Now that I'm actually doing web development again, and not just translating print streams and machine code to browsers on the fly, this will be worth learning.

Thanks for the link! ::swiped and bookmarked::

Thank you!

I only had 2 mins to skim it, but it's bookmarked. I appreciate it!

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I'm not quite a guru, so I suppose "maven" would do just fine.

And doesn't maven already imply female? I'm not up on my Yiddish.