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Ys [userpic]
An observation, spawned by nearly 500 comments worth of back and forth.

For context, I actually have read Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, years ago. I did not have the author's name stored in my head, nor did I make the connection with the question game until several people said something about it and I went and Googled it and went "oh".

Also for context, I love to play Apples to Apples. It's a wonderful party game, but it's even better if you drop the concept of "winning" entirely. Apples to Apples is a great way to spend some time laughing about people and the weird connections their brains make. (And laughing about yourself and the weird connections your own brain makes.) "Cuddly Fly Fishing" and "Extreme Ninjas" will make me laugh to this day. But turning it into a competition instead of silliness spoils it for me.

On reading through "the rules" for the Question Game, as set out in RaGaD, it makes a lot of sense, I can see the reason for each of the rules, and I doubt I would ever play it with someone face to face. I am not that fast on my feet, frankly, and I care too much in something this silly about coming up with something that will make the other person (people) laugh. I feel like I score points when I know I made someone snarf their coke.

If you were the recipient of one of my 'What are these rules things?' sorts of questions, I hope you don't take offense, seriously. I'm not meaning to imply that it's not a fun game, that rules don't have their place, or that you were mean or something to comment about them. (Incidentally, I also hope no one took any questions personally, as I did get pretty obnoxious in places. The intent was to be funny to read through rather than anything "real".)

I just meant that I was enjoying the silliness and the fun and the intellectual stretching and weirdness and wanted people to enjoy it with me. I hope you did/have/continue to. If you feel you could legitimately claim points, feel free! I would be happy to lose to any of you who entertained me immensely today.

P.S. I stand by my assertion that "Can one really ever guarantee anything?" may or may not be rhetorical depending on your worldview, even though I wasn't even aware of a no rhetoric rule at the time I said it. *grin*

P.P.S. No, no one has complained to me, nothing like that. I just realized, on having a bit more context, having bothered to actually look it up, that I might've given a different impression than I intended in a few places. And I was so unwilling to even try to capture these concepts in a series of questions, especially in multiple places.

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I just like getting in the last word. Or trying to.

If you were the recipient of one of my 'What are these rules things?' sorts of questions, I hope you don't take offense, seriously.

Why on earth would I be offended?

Isn't it better to ask and thus make sure, though?

*Seriously flipp'in out that you didn't know Tom Stoppard*

Get thee to a used bookstore!

By the by, you are directly responsible for the recovery of a bookmark, previously thought to be lost; stuck in a Tom Stoppard play anthology. Said play anthology did not include R & G are Dead, so I'll spare you a pithy quote.

I probably own two copies of R&G, even. I just don't associate names with things much. I often can sing an entire song and have no clue who sang it, much less things like who wrote it.

If I remember an author's name, it's generally because I've made a specific effort to remember it.

If you remember it, be sure to check out his Arcadia as well.

For a minute there, I seriously thought I'd done something to really annoy you. Glad to know I didn't. It was, however, a lot of fun. :)

I was Guildenstern, in High School. That was great fun. An amsing side product was that one of the three essays that I had to write for the AP English test that year suggested the use of R&G. It was quite nice to be able to provide tons of direct quotes to support my argument. :)