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Awesome article (I got it from theferrett, who got it from someone else): Thirteen things that scientists cannot explain.

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Damn. Some of those are really interesting.

I think, as brilliant as Einstein was, he *was* a human being, and therefore fallible. It's entirely possible in his lifetime he may have made a handful of errors -- maybe very small ones -- that weren't accounted for at first and only now are coming to light. Still, it's all superinteresting. :)

That last one? I think the DOE wants to completely corner the technology involved with cold fusion. We can't just have free energy for everyone, after all. That might lead to things like world peace, governments not having strangleholds on people, new medical cures being discovered and all of that. Govrenments won't stand for *that*. =^p

Re: Damn. Some of those are really interesting.

According to Einstein, his greatest mistake was adding the cosmological constant to equations, to keep the universe in a steady state, vs an expanding universe. Of course, now they're thinking that there needs to be a cosmological constant to correct for overexpansion of the universe. So Einstein was more or less perfect, except for that one time he thought he was wrong, but wasn't. :)

It's not that Einstein made an error. It's just that he didn't have enough data. He's just a later form of Isaac Newton.

Basically, I completely agree with you

Who's to say everything is constant everywhere in the universe?? Not I. Just because we've seen the ass end of Pluto doesn't mean we've been there...or anywhere else in a 14 billion light year radius. There's probably lots of conditional ifs, ands or buts to apply -- Einstein's got a very solid overall basis to go on, but it's not flawless, I'm sure.

Like you say...not enough data. :) Probably *was* flawless, for all the data he could get at the time.

I think it all boils down to two questions (which may just be different aspects of one question). What is consciousness and how does it exist? And why does the universe exist? The rest is just details. Though granted, figuring out those details may get us closer to 42.