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Ys [userpic]
From someone else's links-to-stuff post:

...this article about parents fighting back against schools that demand they medicate their presumed-ADHD children.

You know, I know this happens. I know that there's pressure to medicate kids.

It's sometimes hard to remember that in the face of my own personal experience (which is by its very nature anecdotal, though not at all unique in some of my friends) of the people around me and then later my own internalized monitors denying me the medication that would've helped me.

It's always vaguely disconcerting reading about folks who were medicated against their will. It's just such an odd flip, though in many ways it's the same thing, preventing people from making their own decisions about their health, about their bodies and their minds.

Anyway, nothing useful here, really. Just thinking out loud.

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Hmm, what's the article?


There ya go. It's slanted but it doesn't pretend to be otherwise.

Huh, interesting.

My brother took Ritalin when he was 8, back in 81...

...the doctor overmedicated him and basically gave him a huge dosage. What happened?

He went from being a lively, sometimes mischievous but pretty fun kid to being quiet, shy and SOOOOOOOO withdrawn from people. He stayed that way through high school and then through college as well...he has little attraction towards either gender really and self-esteem issues. And while I don't doubt that whatever experiences he's had through life have helped to mold him into who he is today, I think he brought a lot of them to himself by the way he acted. And I think a large basis for that action was him getting OD'd on Ritalin by a doctor who should have been whacked upside the head for malpractice -- because even as a child, I noticed the changes in him.

Heh. If you ever want to compare/contrast.....

Quite possibly.

Clearly I should write a little more about it.

Hi! Found you on my FL. Hope you don't mind me checking out your LJ.

As a parent, I can really see both sides here. I've been blessed with a child that has been relatively problem free, but several of our friends have children that have ADHD.

No parent wants to admit that there is anything 'wrong' with their child. They don't want to think that something could be be so off that they need to resort to what is basically a years long, if not life long, dependence on medication.

We went through this with one child. His mother didn't want to have him on any medication because she thought it was just because he "was a boy and boys are more rambunctious."

Of course, his tendency to have anger fits that involved throwing heavy furniture at other children, pulling loaded bookshelves down on other children, kicking and hitting adults, (all of which caused injury) were not things she wanted to deal with. It took many years for her to finally admit there was a problem and that she couldn't handle it alone with herbs and accupuncture and such.

Another set of parents only likes to give their son his meds "when he needs it". Of course, since the meds need to be in a constant level in his bloodstream, that makes the poor kid seesaw around.

The problem is that in some cases these children really do need the medication and denying it to them only makes things worse. These children I'm thinking of NEEDED the help. With their meds, they've had vast improvement not only in grades but in helping deal with other children and making friends.

Of course, there is also the tendency in our society to overmedicate and to think just because a child is "rambunctious" that they are ADHD. As a parent, I can say I'd be reluctant to medicate my kid too. So there really are no black and white answers... Just like there isn't really a point to my post. You just made me think... Sorry for rambling.

Hope you don't mind me checking out your LJ.

Not at all. I love your missives about your female parts jumping out at passing interactions with cardboard cutouts of Mr. Bloom. *grin*

You just made me think... Sorry for rambling.

Glad I made you think. That was why I posted my own little ramble. (So I can't very well mind you rambling in return, now, can I?) Thanks for stopping by to say something...