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Day 2 of Tae Kwon Do went well. Very small class because the roads sucked; one instructor, one other student and me. Same instructor I worked with for the second half of the Saturday class.

I was sore as hell still in a few spots. Thighs particularly, which makes certain things really hard. (Left leg back fighting stance was really hard, as were several of the stretches. I had to be wimpy a few times.) But I did okay and I'm relatively pleased. Mr. Graziano (sp? from memory) confirmed with Mr. Smith (the instructor who was there) that he wants me to start with high yellow and test asap, so I started learning the first form and worked on the kicks I need to know well (particularly the spinning back kick) and worked on my focus and such.

I really think the first couple of weeks are just going to be getting back into decent enough condition that I can get my body to do half of what it remembers how to do, without falling down because I can't breathe. *grin*

Fingertip pushups suck. Hell, pushups suck. I was never good at them, no matter the form. It'll be a while before I can do the pushups in the class warmup. I suspect the finger strength part'll come pretty fast, but it may be a while before I have the upper body strength to do 20 pushups at all, much less at the speed at which they do them.

Anyway, pleased. Looking forward to Wednesday.
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