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Ys [userpic]

Talking about murnkay's poll today:

[10:35] ysabel: Man, Holy Grail vs. Blazing Saddles is a HARD choice.
[10:35] murnkay: isnt it?
[10:35] ysabel: Yes.
[10:35] ysabel: The rest were all relatively easy.
[10:36] murnkay: now what is making me mad?
[10:36] murnkay: Are the picard ppl
[10:37] ysabel: Heh.
[10:37] ysabel: So be mad at me.
[10:37] ysabel: I have to pick Picard over Kirk.
[10:37] murnkay: picard was NOT the better captain
[10:37] murnkay: how many times did he lose his ship?!
[10:37] ysabel: You didn't say 'who was the better captain'. :)
[10:37] murnkay: On ANY scale?
[10:37] murnkay: Picard looses.
[10:37] ysabel: Oh hell no.
[10:37] ysabel: I would SO fuck Picard.
[10:37] ysabel: I would not fuck Kirk if my life depended on it.
[10:37] ysabel: :)
[10:37] murnkay: no
[10:37] murnkay: but Kirk would fuck you
[10:38] ysabel: Of course he would.
[10:38] murnkay: Picard would get fucked.
[10:38] murnkay: DIFFERENCE!
[10:38] ysabel: But again, there is a scale where Picard wins.
[10:38] ysabel: The 'would Deb fuck him' scale.
[10:38] murnkay: *giggle*
[10:38] ysabel: Which is the one I was using. :)

(quoted with permission)

Current Mood: amusedamused

Picard? INTJ. Kirk? Not INTJ.

Problem solved, afaiac.

That *was* English.

INTJ= me. (ghead-- read it. It's me. You'll see it right off.)

I UNDERSTAND INTJ's. Me, Daniel, Val, my father, and Joe. All of us. I *get* it. I understand all NT's. Theyre rationals.

Kirk? Not INTJ. Common theory places him well within the category of ENFJ.

Does. Not. Compute. for me.

Also? Ys? Just noticed the journal title. I love that song.

No no. not you.

The people I mentioned in the list.

Who had you pegged?

Oh. That would be me.

And have I or have I not ALWAYS said you are teh clever?


See, you just missed a golden opportunity to change "Peavey" to "Pony".

And they say YOURE the clever one.


*hugs you*

Thanks, baby.

I am ENxP. VERY E, strongly N, cusp T/F (used to be more T, but I'm more balanced these days), and about as P as it's possible to get. That from the big scary full M-B test, which takes hours to do and all that.

I like INTJs but should probably never again get involved with one. *grin*

Depending on the day...

I'm a XNFJ to an INXX, the X's being cusps. I *could* try to be an 'S' instead of an N, but it'd just go against everything I've got inside. Possibly on a good day, I could be ENFX. I can be spontaneous too, I just *prefer* to have things planned out -- it keeps things from f**king up and inconsiderate people from blowing you off when you've made time for them *shrug*

An ESTP-type, in general, strikes me as the ultimate asshat in the Universe. Bush strikes me as an ESXP. He's close...heh. ;)

I am, quite, quite firmly an INTJ. Technically an iNTj, but more than firm on all of those. I have never gotten another result than that, no matter when, where or how many times Ive taken the test.

However, I had APK pegged as an ENTP, and That Guy is an INTP. I love NTP's. Theyre clever, fast talking, smooth motherfuckers, man. I love them.

Also? Ys? Just noticed the journal title. I love that song.

Rocks, don't it? One of my other high favorites:

If I had any sense
I guess I'd fear this
I guess I'd keep it down
So no one would hear this
I guess I'd shut my mouth
And rethink a minute
But I can't shut it now
'Cuz there's something in it...


I have to go with Picard because he's the kind of guy I'd rather hang out with. Utterly subjective, yes, but there it is.

Also, I tried to like TOS, but the second episode I watched had Kirk with his shirt off and that scared me really bad.

Hmm, what about Blazing Grail vs. Holy (Holey?) Saddles?

With my known love of older British men, it should not shock you that I would also pick Picard. That said, as far as Star Trek captains go, I really liked Janeway, which will probably get me lynched.

I have thought that Janeway is also INTJ, and somehow I prefer her personality over Picard's. Picard is a bit too dry (read: boring) to me. (FWIW, I am an INxJ.)

Picard wins, because Kirk never did this.

LOL! Thanks for sharing this

As a full on FP, I am unerved by TJs. (though I know alot of them) Sorry, but who wants to be judged all the time?

By the by, Picard wins hands down, he also wins pants down, which I "feel and percieve" to be a viable scale.

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Does not exist... Get it right: Archer does not exist.