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Ys [userpic]

Just got back from my first Tae Kwon Do class in 13 years (18 since I was really doing it actively).

My thighs are wobbly and screaming at me.

I have a big grin on my face.

I like this teacher and style a lot. I think this'll be really good.

There are a few techniques they do that I don't really know that I need to learn, and the forms are all different, of course. Kent wants me to start at high yellow belt (one rank down from where I was before, two down from where I almost made it to...twice), and probably test for green in three months. So I have three months to get back into some reasonable kind of conditions, learn several techniques well enough to test and learn three forms. Sounds like fun to me. *grin*

He said, "It's clear you had an instructor that beat the crap out of you before, because even twenty years later your body still knows what to do." Yeah. I'm pleased.

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Whee. Its always fun when you go back to something, and still have an idea of what to do.

I used to take Tae Kwon Do myself. Unfortunately, due to life, I stopped JUST shy of my black belt. The school is still around, but if I went back now, I'd likely have to start off a couple belts lower than I was, due to one, not really remembering the forms (can still do most of the rest) and two, I'm -definitely- no longer in the shape I should be for my belt level.

Out of curiosity, which forms does he use? As I recall, there's four primary sets of forms..

WOOT!!! I was taking it for years. I'm a bodan (junior black) belt. I've been out of it for two years for lack of funds but I'm hoping to go back this summer. Have fun.

Well congratulations!

That rocks the casbah, most definitely.


Cool. Sounds like fun. Good luck with it! :)

Heh. :)

You may or may not have read my adventures with starting martial arts again after being out of it for a very long time. Fortunately I've placed every post dealing with my classes into a single memory category:


Excellent! Which school?

If all goes well, I'm testing to black belt, Chung Do Kwan school, in May.

That's fantastic! I wish you good luck :)


Way to go!!!! I am sure I'd be back at white belt again (lame-o-san!) because it's been close to 15 years, and I *sure* as heck couldn't go back to Ashihara Karate -- it's *waaaaay* too offensively oriented and physically demanding. (Heck, I broke a toe managing to finally do a spinning back kick, and that was at my physical prime!) Plus, I can't remember any of the katas. All I remember is ich-ni-san-shi-go-ruk-shich-hach-ku-ju! heh.