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Ys [userpic]
Inspired by...

...a friend of mine saying that she would almost never comment on a post where someone explicitly requests or tells her to comment.


Comment, damn you!

No, I have nothing useful to say, myself. I'm dealing with political crap at work instead of actually getting work done. Whee.

Current Mood: busybusy
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Can't make me!

Yes Mistress *drools on shoes*

Oh my god, you got me to comment. And I said I wouldn't! Damn you, damn you all to hell!

(I just spent twenty minutes attempting not to break something howling with laughter while looking at the Cult of Cindy pictures, risking my very livelihood to do so while sitting right in front of HR. My gods, that was hilarious. The universe needs more BDSM teddybears. This I decree. Hrm. I wonder if a trip to Build-A-Bear to build more BDSM teddybears would get amused looks from the employees (one finds kinky people everywhere after all), or would get you kicked out, or possibly all of the above. I vote that someone should try it and update me on the response.)

*shakes a fist at ysabel and stratagos grumbling all the while, then returns to being crabby* :)



(a moo is always appropriate to say. :) Unless, I suppose, if an image-conscious woman brandishing a weapon asks you if she's fat. Probably not then. ;)

btw, I always seem to wander in very late into anything social-commentaried or gay-related, so everything seems pretty well covered by then and that's why I don't chip in with anything else...just FYI...

Doom! Gloom! Death! Beware!!

Doom doom doom.

Doomity doom doom!

I'm just this gal.

He's just very silly.

I, of course, am sober as a judge.

ok ... but this is only because you're cute, and you didn't actually DEMAND it:



Here, I'm commenting

How do you catch a unique rabbit?






Unique up on it!

How do you catch a tame rabbit?






The tame way!!

Was that as good for you as it was for me?

As you wish :).

damn me?

Will I be undamned if I comment?

His ~angel~

Re: damn me?

I would be happy to bless you instead, but are you sure you really want my blessing? *grin*

I don't know--I think it's across the street behind the Wawa.

You certainly got enough attention with *this* one dahling...

Commenting, SIR!


I comment! ^^

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