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Ys [userpic]
Two bits of randomness this morning

It's snowing. Sideways. Sideways.

My husband (fenton) is very weird:

(Scene — In the elevator, just before getting to his floor.)
Me: "Have a good day."
Him: "The day may defeat me in an epic battle, but I'll try."
Me: ...

Current Mood: busybusy

ugh, it was doing that here earlier. I could hardly see the offices across the road. It's stopped snowing, but the winds are still up. :(

That sounds so hilariously geeky.

I dunno ... sounds like the sorta thing I might say. Guess I'm weird. ;)

heh. That's my bro all right.

Well, since the next thought across my mind was "What now, Jack? We two immortals, locked in epic battle until judgement day and trumpets sound?", it might be related.

Then again, it might well be the other way around. Or it could even be the orbital time-travelling mind control laser robots reading the thought from my mind today, and implanting it into the scriptwriter's head at the right time. But that also seems unlikely.

It's not all that uncommon for it to snow sideways. After all, snow is relatively light. Now, if it's raining sideways, now there's something worth mentioning.

Your husband sounds delightfully bizarre.