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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Do you think that's deliberate, or something that just happened to happen?

I suspect it just happened, but it's an amusing thought to think that the right billboard was put up on purpose, isn't it?

Also, do you think there are fringe groups out there that are trying to make straight people gay through counselling?

One can only hope.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Question - is that a photoshopped image, or do those sorts of anti-gay ads really happen in the states?

Looking at the site advertised by the billboard, I would have to say that it is probably for real, although I haven't seen any of them where I live.

And of course anti-hate legislature is not applicable here because those people don't hate gays: They really, really love them and want to help them to get all better.


Ads like that pop up all over the southeastern US at least, and likely other areas as well. This country's feelings on the subject are practically schizophrenic when looked at from a national perspective. Sickening how hate is so easily disguised as faith in this country.

I have certainly seen similar advertisement, though I couldn't say for that specific image.

As far as I know, there is no law against anti-gay ads/literature. If anything, I'd suspect our current goverment would fund it rather than try to ban it.

Certainly there are 'gay rehabilitation' programs that get goverment funding of one sort or another, at least indirectly, via the 'faith-based initiatives' thing.