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Ys [userpic]
Self-indulgent sick whininess...

I hurt all over, in that miserable flu-type achiness where even my skin hurts. My joints all hurt and I'm shaky enough that operating the trackball is difficult. I've been having really bad GI distress; haven't actually thrown up yet, but the other end is making up for the lack — which really isn't helping the nausea. And I think I have a serious yeast infection to top it all off -- at least, I am very sore and swollen down there and goopy in a really unpleasant way.


Ugh. Just finished emailing into work, I'm going back to bed.

Current Mood: sickdeath warmed over
Feel better soon, sweetie!!!

...Sorry that you're feeling *so* ungood...it sounds like you have the Flu for sure, and not the Plague (cold and hacking cough that goes on for days)...lots of rest, lots of soup and tea. Did I mention the rest? On and vitamin C.

That's cool that you can e-mail work and tell them you're not coming in! Where do I get one of those? *grin*