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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]
Because I need something to balance out that last post.

[12:01] ysabel: I have such a hard time taking the 'wake up with me next to you' meme seriously. For the vast majority of people, I can't imagine it'd be anything other than WTF?

[12:02] ladytabitha: *snicker*

[12:03] ysabel: I mean, for many my second or third thought might well be, 'Hey, cool. Ask him/her if s/he's got a few minutes to spare doing something fun."
[12:03] ysabel: But my first thought is still going to be, "I don't remember THAT." And that would be VERY odd.

[12:08] ladytabitha: I took it to be, "Be nice to me. Alternately, be funny."

[12:19] ysabel: Hee.
[12:19] * ysabel is nice to you, while simultaneously being funny.
[12:19] ysabel: Don't ask me how. Implementation is left as an exercise for the reader.

[12:20] ladytabitha: I laugh and am touched, somehow at the same time!

[12:20] * ysabel snickers.
[12:20] ysabel: Entirely appropriate response, I think.

ETA: Endquotes are good things in tags. Endquotes are your friend. Mismatched quotes do not make for happy HTML.

Current Mood: amusedamused

With me, it's gonna always be "how the hell did I get here?" rapidly followed by "did we have sex?" This is how my mind works.

See, this is not a question I would ever have to ask. I would remember.

I don't forget things like that.

I would probably remember quickly that I hadn't actually had anything to drink the night before, but it would still go through my mind. I think I'd probably be like "okay, I can't remember getting here," and then "fuck, what happened last night? Did I drink? Did we have sex?" and then "nooo, I watched Gilmore Girls and ate ice cream... dude! Weird! Also, isn't that Ysabel? She's far away! Weirder!"

It wouldn't matter if Johnny Depp, the Pope, or Satan himself was in bed with me, my first thought in the morning has nothing to do with that and everything to do with 'oh god, do I have to get up?' and 'I really have to pee'.

... we're supposed to take memes seriously??

Oh, poop.