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Ys [userpic]
Because I'm just in that sort of mood today, if you hadn't noticed.

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Current Mood: hornyhorny

Poor Ron!!!!

O.M.G. Those are great! ::theft::

my word!

Haha! Love it!

Will you be Hermione to my Ron for V-Day this year? Please?

That would be one mightly long paddle... *grin*

In fairness, I think Hermione is looking at the wrong person for paddles. I think someone in Slytherin would possibly be better at it. :P

How about this one...

I *have* to post this on a fangrrl's journal who has a *huge* inbalance of karmic vengeance to be heaped upon her for her past behaviors, just to irritate her. Hehehehehe! >:) (But can I do it from an untraceable IP, that's the question...) ;) Yeah, I have a smidge Eeeeevil in me.