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Ys [userpic]

Reading an early Sharon Green book I got for Christmas (The Rebel Prince). Just started it on the train this morning. It's clearly one of those where I'm not sure whether to be nauseated or really, really turned on. I will probably compromise and do both.

Early Sharon Green is just EMC1 fiction with plot and fairly entertaining writing.

Note that this is totally not criticism. I love early Sharon Green. Love love love. Okay, maybe lust lust lust, but hey, this is Valentine's Day, I'm allowed to conflate the two today, everyone else does.

But now I want to go read smutty novel instead of working, dammit.

1. Erotic Mind Control

Current Mood: hornyhorny
Bands? What bands...?

The only one I've ever failed to finish was "Hellhound Magic".

And I'm slowly getting a backup set of Terillian... every so often, one will wind its way into one of the local Used Book stores. I still need #1 and #4 to have a complete backup set.


Re: Bands? What bands...?

I finally replaced Terrillian #1 this year. (It's been reprinted.)

I've had some amusing email exchanges with Ms. Green. I ended up reading the whole first Blending series in one sitting (i.e. without sleep) and emailed her immediately afterwards to tell her it was all her fault I'd managed to get no sleep because I could not put the damn books down. She was quite amused.

Have you read The Rebel Prince? I also got a couple of others, I'll have to look at 'em...

I really need to actually write Rescued one of these days. It's on my list but after several others that need to happen first (like the Catherine books).

Re: Bands? What bands...?

Oh, and I really ought to get my bands fixed. Hrmph. *grin*

I read that book oh-so-many years ago. I wish I still had my old Sharon Green books.

> But now I want to go read smutty novel instead of working, dammit.

Hehehe yeah I get that feeling too, quite often.