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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

So does anyone else have recurring characters in their dreams? Not recurring dreams, exactly — at least with the dream this morning I've never dreamed the same dream twice, but I've gotten some number of peeks into her reality every time I dream about her.

Current Mood: curiouscurious

I have recurring places in my dreams. One specifically is a large house which has a number of "secret passages" and hidden rooms - all of which I've come to learn quite well.

I've had recurring people, places, concepts, etc in my dreams. The weirdest though are when I realize in a dream that I'm continuing something from a previous dream. Or, similarly as I've woken, I realize that I've continued a dream from ages before. Or is this simply like deja vu - where there's an imagined pre-existence of a situation where in fact there was none. I don't write down my dreams since I rarely remember them so I have no proof that I did in fact dream it days/weeks/months/years before instead of miliseconds before.

Have you taken to writing down your dreams?

Its never a bad idea :) When I was a teen I used to have some intense and complicated dreams that I'd easily remember the next morning and on more than one occaison I'd use the storyline for an English paper (loads of disaster movies in my dreams). This could've also helped me in another area - I had a few dreams, that in semi-dream state would come back to me so real that I would be convinced that it'd really happened (which was terrifying) - one dream that this happened with involved a plane crash in Greenland (very possible with the flights I'd taken as a child) that came back so real that I felt I needed to tell my teacher about it the next day.

If you're able to participate in your dreams (as opposed to merely being a watcher), can you interact in ways to get more information about the recurrence?

In general, yes, I can. I rarely just watch my dreams; usually I interact with them extensively. More than once I have been this morning's recurring character, seeing things from inside her head, but not always.

A little like "Being John Malkovich"?

I don't usually have recurring characters (aside from a very specific one, but she doesn't count, as she's my Goddess). I do, however, have occasionally recurring dreams. Sometimes, I'll have the same dream five, six, seven nights in a row.. and sometimes, I'll have a dream that is exactly the same as one I had nearly ten years ago. Kind of creepy, really.

Yes, in fact, i've had a couple.

One of my more interesting characters... well, technically three of them... but it's a long story... but i've plagarised my dreams before is what i'm getting at ^.~

Eh... I have both.

One Recurring character: Merton from Big Wolf on Campus. Actually, I had a dream about him this morning. We were going to college together and went to lunch.. Lunch was a costume party. Merton and I went as Will and Grace. >_<

There was also cuddling and stuff.

I used to have a madman

whisper truth in strange and different ways. But I haven't seen him in awhile.