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Ys [userpic]

Pro: I have actually gotten things at work situated to be fairly ergonomic at this point. This means I am sitting with reasonably good posture, and my lower back is actually not hurting.

Con: My upper back feels like someone stuck a knife in between my right shoulderblade and my spine. I'm sure this is because I'm used to bearing all the crap in my lower back and suddenly it's carrying its share and ow ow ow.

Current Mood: soresore

Awww.... well hopefully your upper back'll get in with teh program soon.

Stretch it, stretch it stretch it!!! Walk around, stand up, roll your neck. Your body does have to readjust, but you can help it get there.

You made me sit up straight. [g]

back pain

Get up and walk around. If you can't walk because of your work situation then try to stand up every so often. Maybe bend over and reach down as if to touch your toes. Stand and turn your body to the right a bit and then to the left a bit. Stand up on your tiptoes and reach high above your head. Roll your head about bit. Be creative. Hope your back feels better soon.

His ~angel~

Arg, I had to do this around the beginnging of last year, and really it's the first week or two that're the worst. If you can get through that it'll pay off big in terms of your back getting stronger and distributing body weight more evenly.