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Ys [userpic]

kynn pointed out this rant by hothead over on queer_rage, and it made me feel all warm inside.

Dear Anti-Gay Bigots,

I don't care why you're a bigot. I don't care if it's because your religion told you to hate the gays, or because an alien fell out of the sky and told you to hate the gays. No, it's not okay to think being gay is immoral as long as you don't attempt to legislate said opinion. No, it's not okay to oppose homosexuality if you have gay friends whom you love sooooooooooooooooo much. You're still a fucking bigot, your opinion is still invalid, and I will still tell you so. I'm so sick of your fucking bigotry that I want to puke all over you every time you open your mouth. You are the one with the problem. You are the immoral one, and you are the one that needs to change.

A Tired, Cranky Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist

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My sister was in town and she brought her kids with her, including her son, he is 14. They are religious, the anti-gay sort without yelling it to the world. Their daughter works for gay men, they have to be "nice on the surface". So we go to a store because she is looking for the perfect comforter for her dream bed and we pass a Christopher Lowell design area, a very openly flamboyant gay man and I say how much he makes he laugh on his show. She tells me her husband always wanted a half fur / half raw silk duvet and she raises her eyebrow and I yell OHMYGOD YOUR HUSBAND IS GAY in the shop, which causes her to die internally. We laugh it off.

But out of the blue about 15 minutes later, my nephew looks at me and says deadpan "I wish they would shoot all the gay people in the head and kill them."

And she said NOTHING. And I was just shocked, that sort of shock where you are so disappointed and hurt, that tears popped into my eyes. I have so many gay friends, he knows that, and yet, because of the joke I made or the hatred his parents instill in him, he launched that one at me. And his little sister said "Hey! If they did that, our sister would have no job!" And he just shrugged and I was in shock my sister just kept browsing and then I realized, this is something normal they must say in their house.

He may have bigger internal problems and dilemmas with gay people and not understand what he even said and for all I know himself HAVE gay feelings and hate it, and yet, he can't discuss any of that, so he hates. Hating is safe in their religion, it's what they expect him to answer with. And it just made me realize how sick it all was. Preaching to people door to door about peace on earth and your son says something like this! It was the pinnacle of a hypocrite and it just scared me, I told her "way to go, you broke your kids. You really did a number on them."

It honestly just shocked me. And made me very sad.

that's just fucking sick

By telling people their opinion is invalid, wouldn't that want to make them vote even more?

I would generally assume so, but you never know, with humans.

Then again, I don't think something posted in a community called queer_rage is really intended to build bridges or convince people. One presumes that the intent is far more to vent frustration somewhere reasonably safe, so that one has some small chance of being reasonable when it matters.

At least, I know that's why I write rants from time to time.

I see. That makes a lot of sense.

Unlike many people, I fully support the right of religious people to believe that homosexuality is a sin.

I also support their right to shut the hell up, but that's a different matter.

As a religious person, I think people who consider being gay to be sinful to be hateful awful bigots.

And I don't support it.


To clarify: I support the right of anyone to believe anything at all, no matter how repugnant I find it. And, while I'd prefer that people all accept each other as they are, at this point I'm willing to accept tolerant silence from the homophobes.

Well, that's not really "supportive." :)


Ah word, that would've been my response.