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Ys [userpic]
I have a uterus!

maziemaus sent me a knitted, stuffed uterus:

I think it's totally awesome! I have a uterus!

From her letter:

The mention of a pattern for a knitted uterus came around about a month or so ago. A friend of mine, who does not knit, said she wanted on. I made it (and learned to knit in the round in the process) for her.

Becky said she wanted one so I started another. While I was thinking about uteruses and who would want one I thought of you. You're the only person I know who has had GRS and it occured to me that this is the only thing you didn't get.

Deb, I hope you're not offended that I sent you a knitted, stuffed uterus. Aren't the frilly ends of the fallopian tubes kind of cool? And you can shape the cervix any way you like.

Many hugs!
And she was worried I'd be offended. Pshaw. This is so cool. *dances around*

Thank you so much, maziemaus! And yes, the frilly ends of the fallopian tubes are totally cool...

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Nifty uterus. :)

For some reason, when you post un-lj-cut images to your journal, it displays a biiiiiiiig huuuuuuuuuuuuuge wide 'No bandwidth stealing' graphic instead. Not a big problem in the greater scheme of things, but it does result in annoying horizontal scrolling.

Lemme check my logs.

Try now. My non-referrer rules weren't smart enough to handle the fact that you were reading from agrimony.livejournal.com; I tweaked em to handle *.livejournal.com instead of just www.livejournal.com and ysabel.livejournal.com. That should fix it.

I would have sent you MY uterus, but I can't find a way to coax it out.


Somehow I suspect your uterus would be somewhat less cuddly.

Especially with all the acid it's been sitting in.


The pictures say "Don't steal bandwidth" unless I click the lj-cut tag.

With any luck, I just fixed that. My non-referrer rules weren't smart enough to handle username.livejournal.com as a referrer URL. I think they are now.

(I always read www.livejournal.com/users/ysabel/friends so I hadn't thought to cover the username-as-hostname. Silly me.)

I don't have a uterus. Maybe I should get one. Not that I've really been missing it or anything...

That is truly awesome, both from a crafty new-knitter perspective and from the concept perspective!! Love it!!!

Wow. Adorable, yet highly disturbing. Me like!!!

I have the pattern and if I ever master double pointed needles, I'll be more than happy to make one for your Mom..

If anyone else can do and needs the pattern let me know.

Stitch Markers are your friend

Using big needles (size 8, these were) is good for learning. If you don't like to use stitch markers you can count the stitches you'll need for the whole round.

So. Fucking. Cool.

That was pretty much my reaction.

And she was all worried she'd offend me somehow!

So... I can just see all the other body parts being knitted. And put together. Woman of Wool! (I'm sure a male version could be knitted, too.) And... and... it could be used by practicing biology students, who can't disect the real thing... and and... why are you all looking at me like that?

In some universe you might have not liked it

OK, I was pretty sure you'd think a uterus would be a good gift, but since this isn't a common gift item, it's not easy to guess. I asked Amy and she said she *thought* you'd appreciate it (in a twisted kind of way).

I'm glad you're pleased :)

Hahahaha D that is SO awesome. I need that pattern. It would be such fun for sex ed, or a goofy friend gift. My mom needs one, she doesn't have hers anymore :D

Squee! That is the best uterus ever!

I never thought I would think a uterus was cute, but the fallopian tubes just SLAY me.