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Ys [userpic]

Ganked from flemco who ganked it from ed_dirt.

How to get from point A to point B in Norway...

Click on the link below

Then follow these instructions ...

Change the "Address in" box to Norway. In the first "City" box enter: haugesund

Change the End "Address In" box to Norway . In the "City" box enter: trondheim

Click "Get Directions"
Seriously, go do this. The results are quite funny.

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That would be one hell of a trip :)

I write map traversal software (for autonomous robots), so I know you can get some bizzare, non-intuitive routes when your node-node links are screwed, but that one beats anything I've generated.

Additional fun: along with all the above, click 'shortest route' before clicking 'Get Directions'.

ADDITIONAL additional fun: reverse the start and end points.

i am t3h l0se

If you click "shortest route" instead of the default of "fastest route," it still sends you outside the country - a ferry to the UK, then a ferry right back again to a town a little further north. Then you say in Norway. So that one's funny too!

Try this..

Try changing it from 'quickest' to 'shortest'. In it's way, equally funny :)

Wow, looks like a nice scenic tour. Could make a fun road trip.

Holy crap! Talk about going out of your way! I wonder why that is. Probably because there are *NO* roads between those two cities. You'd hike it, or take a horse.

There are roads, but they would involve taking a ferry across the fjords in some places. Guess the search engine only sees the stubs of road apparently ending in the water :)

Talk about going around your ass to get to your elbow! That was amazing.

His ~angel~

Those silly Norse people.

I saw this one elsewhere using Oslo and Haugesund instead of Trondheim -- at least the results of that search recognized the existence of boats by suggesting one take a boat from Oslo to England and then back from England to Oslo =)

(Not that the 'real' route from Oslo to Haugesund is much better -- I'd choose an airplane or ship over a car if I ever had to go there :)

That was hilarious

Having had my own problems with mapquest in this country, this reconfirms my committment to always DOUBLE CHECKING the computer led directions!