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Ys [userpic]
Because this is just a wonderful picture.

ladytabitha r0xx0rs my s0xx0rs for giving me the link to that site when I really needed it to harass someone with.

Current Mood: gigglygiggly

ha ha, that is cutness! :)

*points at her Avi* Plum?

Anyhow.. I had a cat that looked like that a long time ago. 'Cept she had a cream colored diamond shape on her forehead...

Sumomo! Hai!

Different names... Same laptop.
She's absolutely precious.

I can do her "Congratulations!" (from the English language version) disturbingly well.

I need to listen to the Japanese and see if I can do it similarly well.

*pouts* I've not seen the anime. Just read the manga.

Aww, adorable.

eee!!!!!! pretty kitty!!!
and it's sticking out it's tongue!!! squeeee!!!!
overloaded w/cuteness!!! *falls off her chair....and drops to the floor...*

that kitty is soooo purrrtyyyyy!!!!!!! and such big eyes!!! meow!!! o.O!!!

My mom used to have a cat who looked *exactly* like that...

...except for the adorably cute tongue sticking out. The cat never did that.